Holly Oaks Heater Fund – Donation Page!

Hello NFS Families and Friends –

We’ve created this Website to make it easy to donate via PayPal to help us reach the goal of $30,000 so we can stay at the Holly Oaks pool through the winter.

If each of our families could give on average  $400 we will easily make our goal.  That breaks down to $80/month of not having to drive to Cecil Field from November through March/April.  Its a huge savings of gas – and time.

NFS is a 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible – so if you have friends or family members looking for an end of the year tax deduction forward the link to this website on to them.

So log in here, or drop a check off to one of the coaches at the pool .. and help us get heaters at the Holly Oaks Pool!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Total donations to date – (1/13/16) $15,885


It’s been a while since I have written anything to you guys, and I apologize for that but things have been in a constant state of motion for the last 12+ months and I know I owe everyone an update…but this isn’t that. I wanted to use this time to address the letter that Coach Mel and Coach Carol sent out last week about heating Holly Oaks and the importance of getting that done. As you guys know by now, we are moving forward with the construction of the North Florida Swim Center and are aiming to break ground in early 2016. Once complete, our home will be one of the nicest training/teaching facilities in the country but until those doors open, we need a place for our kids to call home.

Over the last few years, we have made it a point NOT to bombard our families with donation requests or fund-raising projects. We haven’t pan-handled, sold candy bars (or wrapping paper or candles, etc.) or raffled tickets to win a TV. We have left the swim-a-thons to the summer leagues and the car-washes to the marching bands. We have managed to raise close to $1,000,000 in cash and pledges that enabled us to purchase the land on Forest Blvd. (outright) and move forward with the project. We know that we are undertaking a huge project and we absolutely will need financial help from our families as we get closer to opening. We will have brick/pavers/tiles for sales, opportunities for naming rights and still have some investment opportunities if you want in. But for right now, we really need your help, so let’s break this down…

Holly Oaks has been great to us. We have been able to maintain a regular practice home for the first time since UNF closed without driving all over town. Our numbers are at the highest we have been since UNF closed and the kids are swimming better than any team in the city. We were fortunate to find a company that is willing to sell and install heaters for a fraction of what other companies were quoting us. But like Mel said in his letter, we NEED $30,000 quickly. I know that sounds like a lot, but if every family could give $400 we are right there. Think about that for a second. $400 to train at Holly Oak in November, December, January, February and March. That’s 5 months for only $80 per family per month. At the very least, you are breaking even in gas cost by not having to drive to Cecil.

The last thing I want to say is that this “fund-raiser” isn’t just about heating Holly Oaks, it’s part of the financial commitment that our banking partners and investors are looking at as we move forward with the pool. Selfishly I want to be able to show these people that when NFS needs to raise money, we have families that are committed to the program and will be there to support the new center.

So there is my mini-spiel. Remember that all these donations are tax-deductible so if you can do more than $400 we would greatly appreciate it. We can take checks or we can add the donation to your bill.

Thank you in advance.